An individual's "occupation" is any activity that occupies his or her time. With the diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer comes possible symptoms of dysfunction including, Pain, Physical and Mental Fatigue, Chemo Brain, Lymphedema, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Loss of Strength, Range of Motion and more. Healthy Roles and daily activities are affected when a person is limited, injured, recovering, weakened or struggling in any way, causing dysfunction and imbalance in daily life.  

Through the use of Manual Therapy, Education, Exercise, Adaptive Equipment, Purposeful Activities and more, we address and treat the body as a whole to achieve goals and get back to Living a Happy & Healthy Life!

Women's Health Occupational Therapy

Women’s Health Occupational Therapists Focus on treating all aspects of a person’s life that have been affected by  Breast or Pelvic Floor Symptoms in order to help re-establish or acquire healthy occupations and overall life balance.

Doctor of Women's Health

PT & OT