The For the Girls compression top is a uniform compression undergarment for patients diagnosed and recovering from Breast Cancer to assist in preventing Lymphedema. 

Uniform compression is an important part of the healing process in Breast Cancer patients. 
Breast Cancer patients have undergone one or multiple traumas (biopsies, mastectomies, chemo, radiation, etc.) to their chest wall, muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, vascular system and the most effected, lymphatic system resulting in increased risk of Lymphedema. Everyone runs a risk of developing Lymphedema, but the risk significantly increases when trauma takes place in or around the lymph vessels and/or lymph nodes. Even if the lymph nodes have not been removed, trauma to the immediate surrounding area (i.e. breast tissue) can cause damage to the lymph vessels and nodes.   
The lymphatic system is responsible for fluid balance and filtration in our body. If the vessels become clogged, or the filters are removed, the system can get backed up and result in excessive swelling that doesn't reabsorb into the body. This is called Lymphedema.

Once someone gets Lymphedema, they never get rid of it. So it is very important to prevent it from happening. Lymphedema prevention is an educational and physical process that works by applying just the right amount of stress to the lymphatic system in order to keep it moving, but not stress it to the point of clogging the vessels. The For the Girls compression top prevents pooling of fluid and assists with fluid return in areas that are already swollen due to trauma. By uniformly compressing the upper arms, underarms, shoulders, back, chest and upper torso, a constant support is given to the tissue allowing the vessels to work to the best of their ability, funneling and filtering the fluid.

For the Girls Compression Top

Dr. Sherri M. Lorraine created a compression top for Breast Cancer patients to help prevent Lymphedema. 

The "For the Girls Compression Top" applies a mild uniform compression preventing fluid from pooling and increasing fluid uptake. 

Prevention IS the cure for Lymphedema.

Julie Hannah is being fitted for her "For the Girls Compression Top". She is a survivor, extremely fast runner and beautiful model!

‚ÄčThe For the Girls compression top has a wide scoop neckline that allows the patient to step into the garment, preventing the patient from needing to reach overhead and injuring surgical sites.  It has sleeves that reach to the thickest part of the upper arm preventing impedance on the armpit area and a cropped bottom to keep the fluid compartmentalized and to keep it from being seen under everyday shirts. 

The For the Girls compression top was created by Dr. Sherri M. Lorraine, DPT, PhD, CAPP-PF & Breast, a Doctor of Women's Health Physical Therapist, Breast Certified Specializing in Breast Cancer Treatment. The goal is to educate and empower women with Lymphedema prevention and education. A portion of the profits collected from the sell of the shirts is given back to Breast Cancer support groups and Breast Cancer research.

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